the Story behind

Always Stand Proud​

​​When I was living in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, I went to the boardwalk in Yarmouth Port.  As I was walking down it, I spotted this seagull standing on the railing, very proud, very regal ... like King Authur admiring his kingdom, so I started taking his picture. 

     As I got closer & closer, he never moved an inch. 

​     "You really want your picture taken," I said to him. 

​     He didn't answer back; he just stayed perched on his throne. 

     Finally, almost face to face, I did one more 'click'.  This time he looked right at me and smiled . . . with his eyes. 

     The twinkle in them was breathtaking.  Then he flew off. 

     When I decided to make these journals, I instantly chose him for one of my covers. 

     My King Arthur is the epitome to Always Stand Proud and honor who you are. 

Thank You King Arthur

May you live forever in our hearts & soul.

Be True to Yourself and
realize how great you really are!
And please don't feel you have to do 
incredible feats to be great.  
As Mother Teresa so profoundly put it: 
​​“Not all of us can do great things.
But we can do small things with great love.”
So, don’t fret if you don’t become a  
CEO, a Rock Star, or a Movie Star.
That doesn’t mean you haven’t succeeded.
Success in life is measured by

the actions we do day-to-day.
Smiling at someone when they are down;
giving a helping hand to any who might need it. 
Small, kind gestures, these are the greatest gifts
we can give to someone and ourselves.
So, what makes a person Great?
How they treat others & themselves.
Oh, and don’t forget our critters too!

Then you can Always Stand Proud.

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   Dimensions:  5.5" x 8.5"
   Page Count:  216 unlined (108 sheets)
   Page Type: 60 lb.

   Front & Back Covers: Laminated 5 mil
   Binding:  Black Wire-O 

   Scattered inside the journal are quotes and       insights to encourage you.

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