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   Dimensions:  5.5" x 8.5"
   Page Count:  216 unlined (108 sheets)
   Page Type: 60 lb.

   Front & Back Covers: Laminated 5 mil 
   Binding:  Black Wire-O 
   Scattered inside the journal are quotes and       insights to encourage you.

Your true beauty lies in the quirky flaws you have. 

The more unique you are, the more you will shine. 
Mother Nature makes 
all different kinds of 

flowers, birds and animals.


​Because if everything looked the same, 

where would the beauty be?  

And it would make the world quite boring,

so . . . 

 Be Your Own Unique Self

and remember this . . . 

You don't have to be Perfect to be Amazing! 

​​"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." 

~Oscar Wilde

the Story behind

Be Your Own Unique Self

     One day I was walking along the water's edge of a man-made lake when I spotted what looked like a white plume hidden in green foliage.  Wondering what it was I knelt down and slowly crept towards it, clicking away with my camera.  

     As I got closer, I saw that it was a duck!         

     She looked regal in a very classy, unique way and I couldn't help but smile.  It was the way she sat.  So content, like nothing on this earth could bother her, and poised, as if she knew she was different and proud of it.  I instantly thought of Katherine Hepburn.         

     Note: For the younger generation, Katherine Hepburn was a famous movie star and very independent.  She wore pants in an era when women wore dresses and she decided not to have children because she wanted to pursue her career.  She was unique.     

     So, I dubbed the duck, "Ms. Hepburn".  She had an aura of strength and beauty that belonged only to her, along with qualities of independence and confidence that I wish upon all women and men.  

    Just think, with those characteristics we could conquer the world, or whatever we desire, in a perfect way.  

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