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Welcome to my world of journals. 

     I made these journals because I love taking photos of animals, people, nature . . . well, just about anything that piques my curiosity and makes me think, makes me dream, and inspires something inside of me.  I also like to create settings that draw people in and makes them laugh, smile, and encourages them to feel good about life. 

     I've been writing in journals since I've been nine years old and I wanted to come up with covers that are Unique and Special and that will draw a person into creating their own dreams and goals and hopes and desires.  Basically, to create Their Own Secret World — a world where you can write about whatever your heart desires.  A place to express your ups and downs, trials and tribulations, your dreams, your goals, anything and everything, and not have to worry about anyone judging you or you judging yourself.  Writing down your feelings, thoughts, actions, is just down right therapeutic and freeing!  It certainly has helped me.

     That's why I've designed these covers with actual photographs that I have taken and added my thoughts behind each cover as to what I believe they mean and hope they will motive you.

     So, pick up a pencil, pen, or even a crayon and start creating Your Own Secret World! 

     Thank you for taking a look, and no matter what, I hope that by keeping a journal it will encourage you to dream, to hope, to think, to believe, to create, and to work towards achieving whatever you desire, and most important, to always believe in yourself.

"I never travel without my diary.  One should always have something sensational to read in the train."   

                                                                                        Oscar Wilde,    "An Ideal Husband"

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